Instrument Models

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Bellaneu Guitars

Born of an idea for full access to every fret, the Bellaneu Cutaway is a heavy scoop of Modern that is deeply steeped in Tradition. This radical design is made possible by the use of a Spanish Heel…technology as old as the guitar itself…but with a twist.

Currently all sizes and models of our guitar line are available as a Belleneu Cutaway.

Traditional Guitars

All of our more traditional guitars are made the same way as the cherished instruments of the 30’s and 40’s. 100% Hand Carved just like the instruments of yesteryear.

Steel String Guitars

Our Steel String guitars are made with Non-Scalloped Braces. With over 25 years of experience in guitar repair, the instruments we noticed that would actually voice your augmented chords on the entire neck were Non-Scalloped Bracing. Available in Small Jumbo, 000, and Parlour sizes.

Classical Guitars

Kopp Classical are made in the style of either Robert Bouchet or Marcelo Barbero. A pair of Mid-Century biulders that could not be more different in approach.

Mandolin Instruments

Our Mandolin instruments are made purely for the challenge and joy of producing them. They are not made to order. There is always a Mandolin in process and for sale when completed. There is no more Mandolin in process until any finished example has found a home.